Monday, March 19, 2012

Yesterday was spring cleaning

I cleaned out all the dead grass few days ago..
Yesterday was spring cleaning we got the front garden cleaned out, put some soil, sand, and stuff at side yard to help stop darn erosion on it. I got grass seeds planted which are growing nicely.

Saya and Bella had fun time enjoying the warm weather coarse Saya gets so hot out there due to her winter coat, but she is starting to shed a bit on her neck so that's good I can't wait for her to blow it so she doesn't get as hot outside.

I also compost our dead leaves, grass, food waste and so on saves on trash since it doesn't go in it.
Ticks seem to like them must be the moisture.. Yuck! I see them on it I'm always careful to not mess with them.. Luckily we don't go down to it much except to put stuff in it.

I'm hoping to get another square compost so I can do more and make it faster for the garden.

This what compost looks like before it composts and get nice and well done.
Here's compost in the turning composter it's almost done, but still needs more time to cook.

Here's it's done nice and earthy.

Close up picture

.Saya after I brushed her made her hair stand up. hehe.

She wearing no collar not running off. :D

She behaves pretty well.

I do have her on 30ft light long leash on times when I'm working hard in the yard because I can't keep my eye on her all the time when I'm working.

She stays in the yard pretty good though and comes when called.

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