Monday, March 12, 2012

Sixth days on the garlic chewables

Saya on the back deck
Saya and Bella has been on the garlic chewables for about six days and so far no adverse reaction to their health yet.

We been going on walks in the trails and it's been warm so far no ticks on the dogs. Coarse could just be luck right now or ticks just not too bad right now. I guess we'll see as weeks go on.
So far Saya is on her full dose of the chewables I've been giving her two a day one in am and one pm.

Bella still working up to full dose of it, but so far both doing good no tummy upsets or lethargy and stuff.

Bella loves the taste of them she takes them no problem.

Saya on other hand she sometimes will take it fine and eat it and sometimes she spits it out. Luckily it can be broken into small pieces easily. I crush it into powder in her dog bowl with my finger and mix it with either a egg, plain Greek yogurt, caned salmon, sardines, clams, or oysters and she'll get the garlic up right away with that..

I don't mind mixing it up on times she doesn't want to eat it.

I guess next time I'll get the powder then I'd just need to scoop correct amount and mix it with some stuff.. Ah well chewable tablets were at decent price and should last us a good long time.

I can't say for sure if this really repels or not so we'll see in some more weeks especially once it heats up more and ticks come out more.

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