Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Feeding big raw items and whole prey.

I feed raw diet and I like to vary it when I can I love to feed her big items because it provides much more of a work out then feeding ground meat or daily portions of boneless..

I do feed ground and daily portion of boneless meat, but I do provide her with big meals like whole roasting chicken, lamb leg, pork shoulder or bison roast... The bison roast coarse rare I only gotten it one time..

Yesterday she got a semi boneless leg of lamb Saya ate 13.37oz of it. usually she gets 5oz to 7oz a day so it was bit more then she usually gets.

13oz seems to be her limit on how much she eats in big meals she once eaten a 16oz turkey drumstick though.

Since Saya seems know where her limit on how much to eat is I let her eat what she wants on big items.

Not all dogs are like that sadly so know your dog don't let it gorge too much..

Whole roaster.
Pork shoulder roast once 9lb now 3 or 4lbs
 Feeding such a fatty item like pork shoulder roast may seem like I'm on the road to pancreatic diet, but Saya doesn't just eat fat she also eats bit of the meat, fat, skin so it's not pure fat.

I don't believe amount she eats each day will hurt her since she has been slowly introduced to it and tolerates it well.

Fat is important in a dog's diet too coarse when the dog is new to raw it's important to take skin off chicken, trim the fat on beef or pork, but once used to it it's good stuff.

Coarse I wouldn't be feeding pure fat as meals I don't think that would be healthy.

whole prey quail
I also consider whole prey quail as a big item even though they're just 8oz or so compared to her 9lb pork shoulder roast it still more work compared to 5 or 8oz piece of meat.

I hope to order whole prey rabbit eventually once I got my own freezer for more variety also more quail since I'm out of it.

A young rabbit Saya caught
Saya did caught her self a young rabbit she is good about leaving things alone when asked so I washed the rabbit and froze it for month in case of parasites. Sad she killed it, but rabbits do cause damage to my veggies so one less bunny to eat my plants..

Coarse I'm not off telling Saya to kill every bunny in the fields or yard it just happened. I was weeding the garden and she was laying by me she walked off and got the bunny I thought at first she was going to our outdoor cat to play with him, but nope it was a bunny a young one at that.

She killed it very quickly so I don't think it suffered. I fed it to her after it was done freezing for month. Bunny didn't go to waste coarse a wandering coyote probably would ate it if I threw it into the field, but I wanted to give it to Saya since it was her prize..

Saya pulling the rabbi's stomach out
One thing with feeding this bun bun I learned she didn't like it's stomach she pulled it out and the intestines and didn't want to eat any of the rabbit till I took it completely out of the bunny..

I haven't had chance to feed her another whole rabbit so it'd be interesting to see how she does when I get some.

Saya ate the bunny back end first..
When I first gave it to her she wasn't thrilled to eat it, but once I took some the fur off she saw there was meat under it and ate it up.

Pacific saury
While saury isn't big like pork shoulder or leg of lamb I still consider it a good big meal plus it still has head and organs in it yummy.

I feed mostly bone in items, boneless, organs, but I love giving whole prey because it has everything in one package, meat, bone, muscle meat organs, liver, and other secreting organs also has blood.

I hope to incorporate whole prey items more into her diet once I get my own freezer.

Quail, rabbit, whole sardines, herring, and pacific saury is kinds I'm able to get from either hare today or Asian market nearby.

Does feeding whole prey make your dog more apt to kill a furry animal or be aggressive?

I don't think it does, but could depend on the dog if you feed it a guinea pig fur on and the dog sees a live pet one it might think it's food, but most dogs think pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, or quail is something to chase or play with.

Saya eats quail and she leaves birds like doves, robins, and red wing black birds alone..

Coarse with rabbits they're on ground so easier to chase then birds.

Saya is reactive to strange dogs she never met before, but I don't think it's due to raw she had good puppy class, good socialization and everything and good temperament too.

She did get attacked by a mixed breed the mix was on leash the owner said he was friendly so we met, but her dog went for Saya.  Sai greeted the mix just fine she wasn't rude in the way so I dunno why it happened, but after that is when her reactiveness to strange dogs happen..

I'm fine with it she gets along well with Lily the pug, and our neighbor's lab/mastiff mix.

She seems get better not as defensive after meeting the dogs for few times. Lilly would get snarked at when she got near Saya, but by fourth meeting they did good Lily knows what her limits are and she doesn't bother Saya by being too in her face.

It's a on going process she does fine walking on leash where dogs are she isn't reactive where she lunges and barks at any dog in her sight she just gets defensive when the dog gets too much in her face.

Saya with 5month Marley she is bout size of Bella!


  1. Lol, I love the picture with her in the princess cap.

  2. Thanks Saya wasn't too happy with it.