Wednesday, March 14, 2012

spot on her tongue and eighth day on raw

Hope it shows OK it's in back of her tongue so hard get clean picture of her spot.

Shiba inu I think are known to have black spots on their tongue I don't think it's common though.

I remember looking up spots on tongue, labs, shiba and few other breeds are listed one picture was of a shiba..
I thought it was neat. I just noticed it few days ago she was resting on arm of the recliner panting from her time outside. I saw black spot and thought hmm. got the camera to take a pic and here it is!

I first thought maybe it's because I gave her some my smoothie(strawberries, apple, banana, blueberries, and plain greek yogurt. and bit of orange juice) which had blueberries, but I don't think that would put a spot there and it's been a few days so..

I never look in her mouth much so that's new one. hehe

Bella enjoying the weather
Been eight days since they been on that bug off garlic stuff so far no issues and so far it seems to be working it's warm and ticks should be out some. I haven't been walking the dogs each day in trails like I usually do.

I been doing a lot of yard work to fix things up for spring. Need cut some dead dried grass and so on.

Saya still has her winter coat, but that should change with the warm weather we are having. I been brushing her on and off some under coat is coming off a bit.

been so warm she gets hot easily I bet she'll be happy once her spring/summer coat is in.

I been having the dogs hang out while I do yard stuff.

Saya hangs out by bird feeder she is trying to get this one rodent or something that has a home there.

There's few holes so my guess a mouse or something like that.
Hole Saya dug by the bird feeder. I stopped her before she got too nuts.. I'm glad she is having fun, but she should know better her digging spot is at the camp ground.. lol

I actually told her to dig there, but had her stop didn't want it too deep or anything.
Birds are everywhere! hehe they're all getting ready for their babies and stuff. :)

Just wanted to do a small update.

I still dunno if ticks are being repeled by this so we'll see. I guess once gnats and stuff get bad in summer will be main test since they bug the dogs during those times.

Who knows we might be lucky and ticks didn't get on the dogs. I did a thorough check after walk and before bed and during time on couch before bed. Bella is coarse easiest to check Saya she takes a lot of time. First I give her a once over in looking then check between her toes, then armpits, neck, ears, butt, belly and then another check..

She doesn't like them, but she tolerates tick checks she always gets a yummy treat so she behaves for that.

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