Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Animals still in radiation zone in Japan

Bella awaiting orders
Been a year and so weeks since the earthquake in Japan and there are still animals in the evacuation zone. so sad.

Lot owners lost their homes and can't come back and are in bad situations either house doesn't allow pets or they can't get them. I dunno..

Chernobyl disaster what comes to mind on this issue. No one is allowed in the Exclusion zone in Japan. Thankfully animal rescuers are now allowed to go in to feed and rescue animals.

Animals seem to benefited by the Chernobyl incident wolves, pigs, horses and other wildlife live there now. Coarse dogs and cat's aren't wild animals, but eventually any intact dogs and cats will breed and will first scavenge and then hunt some..

Saya caught a young rabbit and vole once and I believe shiba and other breeds are good at surviving if need be. Still dogs do depend on humans and these aren't hunting and can't scavenge enough food.

Here's a article on naoto matsumara a man staying on his homeland in the forbidden zone.

Here's blog on him too

Just so sad events like this happens and sadder owners can't keep their pets due to building restrictions, unable to get them or afford to care for them now. :(

I been through some hurricanes and even with Katrina we didn't leave our three dogs we would bring them with us.

Coarse things are different in us. In city in Japan it might not be good place for big dog. I dunno since I never lived there.
Here's some links on chernobyl

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