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Bug off garlic has come part 1 review

The package have Yesterday which was one heavy box! It came with four containers of bug off garlic plus bonus item for spending over $75 or something like that.  I picked joint health chewables to try.

The joint health chewables I got has 90 chewable tablets which according to Saya size she gets one a day. I plan to give these a trial once her current ones are used up. 90 tablets are $24 so getting it free isn't too bad though price wise I dunno I don't buy these types items often.

Package is here!
I got these for $117.30 my mom payed for her's and mine so it wasn't that much like $60 each or so I forgot.

If this works it'll be worth it. Buy one 1,000 tablet jar and get a 1,000 tablet jar free so each dog gets 2,000 tablets.

Here's the ingredients.

Here's the instructions on how much to give.

Also it says to slowly introduce it to them over period of 5-10 day period.
 So far taste wise Saya took to it right away and so far hasn't had issue with eating the bits when I give it to her plain with no food or anything.
Lots of tablets! Smells like garlic too!
Bella my parent's boxer she spit the little piece out at first she is always leary of new treats, but I picked it up gave it to her again and she ate it with no fuss so I guess she likes it.

Her second time taking it I tossed it into her kibble and third I just put it in her dog bowl she seems to have hard time picking it up if it gets on the ground and the bowl helps her get it easier..
The tablets are easily broken into half piece or four small pieces for transitioning on it.

According to guide Saya needs two tablets a day and Bella four. Also says if tick, fleas, mosquitoes, gnats and flies are heavy to double it.

I'll probably stick with normal amounts and up it if bugs get bad.

This how I got it set up so all I gotta do it take a piece and give to her with no issue of having to break a piece put back into the jar and then later on find the broken piece..

While she is being transitioned to the full dose I'll do it like that.

I did same with Bella too her's is upstairs so mom can give the morning dose and I or her gives pm dose.

Saya's jars in my room of coarse.
Saya is kitty size!

I don't know if these work I read people's input from various forums and stuff and sounds like it works good, but never know.

For some dogs maybe it doesn't work so well compared to others.. I dunno.

Once the dogs are fully on it I'll give another impression on it.

So far dogs don't smell like garlic so we'll see..

Saya has gotten cooked ground garlic that has been cooked and grounded with veggies and fruits.

I don't think garlic is as dangerous as onions and if given in small amounts shouldn't harm the dog.
Link to the bug off garlic chewables page.

Coarse I'm not saying to go out and buy this stuff now if you feel garlic isn't safe for dogs then that's fine. I don't want to force things onto people just thought I'd post this on my blog and who knows maybe in a month or so I'll have my opinions formed on this.

From the site "*Please allow time to “build up” in the system. It may take Bug Off Garlic two to four weeks to permeate all tissues."

I live in the country so we do have ticks mainly in the field not so much in the backyard. I think the morning birds eat any that are in the yard because I always see them picking up worms, grubs, and various things could also be we keep lawn mowed and there's never leaf piles and so on.

We also have gnats, mosquitoes, horse/deer flies, and even fleas. Though for some reason the dogs haven't had any issues with fleas. Our cat gotten them once which we took care of right away so it didn't spread..

Ticks, gnats, mosquitoes and deer/horse flies are main issue. Saya does fine with gnats they can't get to her with her thick coat, but Bella the boxer gets eaten up by gnats and horse/deer flies most times she has to go in the house because it's so bad.
We don't leave her out 24/7 or anything we only bring her out when we do yard work, walks and training and stuff. She loves to sun herself and check what we are doing.

So it's sad when she has to go into the house due to the flies and gnats.

We keep the yard clean of coarse always pick up poop two to three times a week and keep any trash well put away and stuff..

So I hope the bug off garlic helps with the fly and gnat issues.

I'd like to add few links too on garlic.

Many say it's bad many says it's good. So hard to decide! Grr!


Natural health remidies

why shouldnt you feed your dog-garlic

Book has info on garlic uses Dr. Pitcairn's New Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats

Coarse they're going to have garlic is good on their site since they sell product with garlic in it..

Springtime's website

Sojos pet mythbusters

Most links I posted seem more for garlic.. I know there is a article on garlic against it right now I'm tired and need sleep.

Many vets say garlic is bad holistic ok..

I think it should be fine as long I don't over do it. I don't plan to double dose on it or anything.

Be sure to do your research on this before trying it.

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