Saturday, October 20, 2012


Dinosaur foot?
I think turkey feet look so much like dinosaur feet it's funny! No wonder turkeys are tough birds!
Size comparison turkey on top weighs 5.29oz and chicken on bottom weighs 2.01oz.

Today Saya gets a turkey foot and 5.82oz of boneless goose for her meal Yummy this will be her first turkey foot Bella my boxer is main one who has eaten them as they're more her size..
The two items are frozen in the picture, but I let them thawed out before feeding them.

I had her eat outside it's cold outside, but she doesn't mind she loves the cold plus eating outside is fun. :)

Gives her something to occupy herself with while I do some yard work. I need haul up some wood to put into the garage to get ready for winter.

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