Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More Arkansas pictures

I thought I'd post some more or the rest of the Arkansas pictures I took.

I do miss that hot water such nice feeling..

We went kayaking after visiting hot springs the next day we went kayaking and we had a lot of fun during the kayaking I never kayaked before so it was an experience and I learned a lot from doing it.

Maybe someday I'll get one to do it somewhere..
Before we went to the bath house we went to eat a bit since we hadn't had any breakfast.. :\

They had good hamburger, but the service was slow I ran out of drink it took long time before I got another and the hamburgers took long time to be made.

They got order wrong with my brother's wife. Gave her a hamburger instead of a club sandwhich. Luckily the hamburgers tasted good, but still. They wasn't really busy so was weird. ah well maybe they had a off day.
The hot springs bath we went to it was really nice and relaxing
I enjoyed the hot springs bath they gave free water and did have a food area to get sandwhiches or smoothie.

Arlington hotel
Cool car I saw

I loved the rocks and the state is pretty nice area. 

I have one more set of pictures to post I'll do it another day though.

I enjoyed the trip, but hope next time we go somewhere that allows dogs Saya would have loved the hiking areas.

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