Tuesday, October 2, 2012

chicken feet and turkey feet

Saturday we picked up the dog's chicken and turkey feet sadly due to some regulation she can't keep the chicken heads which is too bad.. :\

I got 63 chicken feet and 14 turkey feet all for $11 which is nice deal.

She'll have more for me before end of October which once I get that it should last me till end of spring probably or end of winter we'll see.. She'll open back to sell meat in spring so that's good.
I like giving chicken feet as their good source of natural glucosamine.

I'm not sure if it helps with joints same as gucosamine supplements, but I think it's worth giving couple a week and Saya does enjoy them.

I give her the feet twice a week the turkey feet one turkey foot twice a week be enough as the turkey feet are much bigger then chicken feet they kinda look like dinosaur feet. hehe


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