Monday, October 15, 2012

Made a ton of dog treats!

I spent a long time making this a lot of cooking, mixing, grinding and stuff.

I made a total of 7.36lbs of treats the weight includes the big ziplock and little ziplocks, but still a good bit of yummy dog treats!

I use usual fish fudge recipe and added few things to it to make it my own as usual..

I added about 4 or 5 eggs, three cans sardines, one caned tuna, the flour, and some oatmeal too.

I cooked beef, chicken and lamb liver, beef and lamb kidney, three things of beef thymus, two pieces of beef heart, tiny piece of beef tongue, chicken hearts.

I also cooked some boneless pork and then ground it and added it to the eggs and flour, I used coconut oil to cook the meat..

I then cooked the three small zip lock bags of cooked turkey it was frozen so I needed thaw it out before grinding it.
Few days ago I picked some yellow squash along with zucchini for us people.
I cooked the yellow squash along with bag of carrots, some green peppers, little bit of zucchini then once really soft I grind the veggies up.

With the yellow squash I only ground the middle part as the skin was really hard and I took the seeds out and cooked them with some seasonings on a cookie sheet in the oven they tasted pretty good liked baked pumpkin seeds. hehe

I also mixed in a caned of normal pumpkin not pumpkin pie kind. I thought It'd be fitting since Halloween is near plus the dogs like pumpkin.

I cooked the first batch and put the rest in containers to cook the next day.
Bella had gone with me to get the squash she took one so she had a yummy chew item. haha
I plan to check out this one dehydrator at this one place will make dehydrating hearts and boneless meat for treats easier..

And before the farmer's market closes I hope to get some more beef heart, tongue, liver, and kidneys too.

At the moment the freeze is full with the new treats added to it.

Luckily by then there should be room between Saya eating her normal meals and Bella getting her raw treats.
I like the fish fudge or well fish and meat treats they can be broken into small bits if I want to and don't smell too bad despite the organs in it..

This batch has some veggies and fruits in it which I think is good especially since they came from my garden well except for the caned pumpkin, but still..

The addition of the fruit and veggies made the batch bigger I did add a good bit of meat to it so it isn't all veggies or fruit.

Saya and Bella really enjoy the taste of these treats with the fruit and veggies or just the fish and meat.

I usually use the fish fudge for recall treat sometimes they get little bit of hot dogs, string cheese, or dehydrated chicken heart for recall treats both Saya and Bella loves it.


  1. How long do your dehydrated treats last if not stored in the freezer?
    I'm trying to figure this out with my own dehydrated treats. I think a couple of the pig's heart slices weren't thoroughly dehydrated or had some surface fat/grease and got rancid. Even in the fridge?

  2. I've made dehydrated chicken hearts in the oven before I didn't do good job of taking the fat off so ones with the fat was bit greasy.

    I didn't mind since I froze them individually plus the ones that I trimmed the fat off slipped through the grate easily.

    I think once I get a dehydrator I'll trim the fat better to help it dehydrate better.

    I'm not sure the fish fudge treats I always kept in the freezer I have them in individual bags so I take one or take some treats as needed.

    I've left a bag out once it it didn't stink to badly.

    I think by second or third day out of fridge or freeze it would smell some.

    I mainly just put the bag of treats back into the freeze when I'm done with them so they last longer.

    I've had some fish fudge treats I made in 2011 which I recently used them up they were in freezer since then and didn't seem too freezer burned or anything.

    Saya and Bella still liked them.