Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy Birthday to Saya

                        __|||||__   HAPPY
                       {._._._._.}     BIRTHDAY SAYA!
Today Saya is five years old. :) Crazy how fast they grow.. Her plans of the day 
is relax in morning watch me cook some kibble topper stuff for Bella and if weather
holds go for nice walk full of ticks.. darn ticks are all over the place in 
the field, woods, and by the pond. I was hoping the extra cold winter would have 
helped with numbers.

The stuff I'm cooking Saya gets it too as nice small snack. I'll make a blog post 
on it later when it is done.
Saya gets beef thymus and sardines for her meals today also a dog cup cake I made 
for Bella's birthday. The batch made enough that each dog gets 15 cupcakes and 
that's a lot so I froze them.

It has pumpkin in it and for icing I mixed plain greek yogurt with peanut butter. 
If the two know there is cupcake in their bowl thawing out they get excited. 

I've been giving them every once in while and still got plenty so Bella and Saya 
will get it as a nice desert.

Spring is nice despite the ticks flowers and nice weather makes it worth it.