Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Crazy month

Well in Feb I broke the camera.. That sucked accidentally dropped it.

We eventually got a new camera this one has video which is nice.

Got Saya 4lbs of beef thymus and 3lbs of beef heart maybe bit more I forgot how much it weighed. Payed about $17 for it all.

The beef sweetbreads(thymus) gone up in price was $1.49lb now is $2.99lb. Heart is still about the same I don't mind the price hike it's not too bad. one person said thymus was 5$lb where they are so I rather $2.99lb..

Been while since I gotten thymus need to be sure I keep it in stock.

I usually rotate it with kidneys. one week she gets thymus and the next kidney.
Beef Thymus fed frozen nice warm weather treat. hehe
Well as usual when it rains it pours.. Fridge has been on the fritz lately it came with the house so I'm sure it is old.. It was leaking water and just down right annoying food would get lost in it.

We got a new one coarse mom forgot to measure the baseboard and in order to fit the fridge in had to take it out. coarse after that it still needed half inch more.. Crazy.. We got the counter out by the fridge so it would fit.

Just gotta trim the counter so it can fit without an issue.. we'll see how that goes.

I like the fridge and it roomy and well lighted. freezer is at bottom decent space. No need for water jug in fridge since the fridge has one in it. so that saves room in the fridge.

Other crazy thing during winter storms our pussy willow had some branches that grew too close to roof and it rubbed on it which damage the roof some. :\ Repairmen from the company that put it up came and fixed it coarse gotta pay that luckily we have replacement roofing shingles in case stuff like this happened so was just charged for fixing it so it was bit less if they had to bring material over.

Back to dog related stuff Saya has had two quail from her quail collection.. so 46 left to go.

Crazy the amount I ordered, but Saya loves whole quail and it should last good bit.

I count it as bone in item it has pretty much everything, bone, organs, meat, blood and even extra feathers.. Saya only eats the feathers surrounding the quail she leaves the ones on the wing.

What remains of the quail..
 Saya has had her sardines before and she loves them she had them canned before, but never raw. The herring she didn't like as much at first Not sure why, but I kept offering it and eventually mixed cut up pieces of herring into her egg, or ground meat. She'd eat it mixed with something and eventually I offered it plain and she ate it.

Glad she decided she liked it as I got a lot. If she didn't then Bella would get all the herring.

Today she slept in the whole fridge event. Bella was put in the basement till we were done.

We went for nice walk afterwards and on way back I saw a great blue heron in the yard we came home different way to not scare it so I could attempt a decent pic.

The heron comes to the pond every so often probably eats some fish maybe a garter snake or who knows. I don't mind there is plenty of fish for us and any animals that want it.

Today Saya got egg for breakfast plus joint supplements and salmon oil for dinner she got sardines. Yummy.

Saya liked the cooler temps today it snowed some this morning! It's melted now. Luckily the flowers seem fine and the fruit trees haven't flowered yet so they're fine.

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