Monday, April 21, 2014

Feeling better! :D

Bella has been on her med for good while and she is feeling better day after the vet visit she acted more perky. Still loose poop, but not too bad.

Yesterday her #2 had bit more form to it and today it's even better. She's still on antibiotics so she'll probably not be 100% on poop till she is done with it. Still waiting to hear back on if the pus came back as anything bad.

The bump went way down since the vet visit so I'm hoping the issue cleared up now.

She is back to being playful, alert and begging for belly rubs.

Saya is healthy as usual well besides her spinal issue, but that doesn't seem to put damper on her she is still happy, active and stuff. She gets joint supplements and it seems to help.

Saya loves her sardines, herring and quail. April 29th will be her birthday! She'll be five years old.

I plan to give her beef thymus, and sardines for her meal and a dog cup cake I made on Bella's birthday.. I made so many I froze them so I just take out to thaw then give. They like them frozen too nice summer treat.

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