Saturday, April 19, 2014

Crazy week! D:

 Well this week has been crazy Fridge not fitting, but luckily taking base boards out worked. We didn't think about the baseboards adding a bit for length. Ah well lesson learned.

Wednesday Bella started to have loose poop in the pm she hasn't gotten into anything in the house she's been much better behaved and no odd stuff in the field, but who knows. She did eat grass a few times when we were hanging outside Tuesday and some on walk. Spring being here grass is new and exciting..

Thursday morning sometime she vomited foam it had grass in it.

She's been getting same brand of kibble and haven't had any raw treats or raw meals.. I got her some pre and probiotics from ark natural gentle digest stuff on Wednesday. coarse soon as I noticed the loose poop I fed her a bland diet. it helped some, but still not 100%

Thursday She stayed same loose poop once in while watery so we got her a vet appointment the next day.

Friday she was bit more calmer didn't try to get in mom's lap to cuddle or try to lick her still same loose poop.

I noticed after mom left she was limping on her right back foot I checked her foot pad and inbetween no cuts, thorns or anything. I had her lay on the couch to rest for bit. I then headed upstairs to make small lunch and she coarse had to follow me up and she was slow climbing the stairs I went to help her and carried her up it.. 56-58lbs of pure boxer muscle.. hehe

I checked again and saw a bump on the leg she was favoring it was soft. Luckily she had the appointment.

This how she walked no pressure on this foot she kept it up when walking or standing she could site or lay down fine.. Poor girl.

Finger for size reference. I'm sure this was reason for her limp. The vet checked the stool sample and said no signs of parasites or anything too bad like infection..

She took some fluid from the bump to send off to be tested and prescribed some meds for her.

So far she has made a total improvement with walking she is putting pressure on it and not acting tired well after the vet visit she was sleepy too much excitement greeting all the people. Today she is back to her old crazy happy boxer self.

Still not 100% good on her poop. It is better though it's not as frequent and is loose not liquid. Still not as formed as should be, but it's an improvement over before.

She is taking her meds fine hiding it in cheese seems work good. She gets the probiotic on her food and she eats that no issue.

I'm hoping tomorrow she'll show more improvement poop wise. Eventually once good I'll slowly work back her kibble into her meals.

Dad wanted to feed her just kibble this morning luckily mom heard it and stopped him.

I hope the stuff the vet sent in is nothing bad and the antibiotics help. Coarse antibiotics can cause diareah, but hopefully the pro and prebiotics help little.

The bump has gone down which is good.

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